SCIAMACHY Operations Data

The material presented in this web page originates from the mission operation information generated by the SCIAMACHY Operations Support Team (SOST). Along the entire SCIAMACHY mission lifetime SOST planned mission scenarios, measurement strategies, and carried out instrument monitoring and calibration activities.

During phase F, the material was duplicated from the original SOST-DLR web site ( to the ESA SPPA portal in order to ensure access to operations and instrument performance information and to adhere to the long-term preservation requirements.

The following table reports on orbital basis information on instrument and platform status, type of operations and detailed measurement specifications from the quasi-nominal routine operational phase started in August 2002.

The table allows an easy browsing, with sorting/searching functionalities, and filters on columns for the selection of the desired content.

Details on the single parameters are available in the SOST technical report SCIAMACHY Operations Information Longterm Preservation(PO-TN-DLR-SH-0036, Issue 1, Rev. 0, 30 April 2016)

The SOST operational information here presented will be also included into the new SCIAMACHY Level 1b version 9 data (dataset to be released) as additional metadata (stored into the INSTRUMENT group of the NetCDF format). This page represents a point of access for information on the orbits for which Level 1 products do not exist as a consequence of anomalies or processing failures.


Click here to download the full SCIAMACHY operations data table (22 MB xlsx).